Chapter I – Malta


We decided that our first destination as Frame From The Journey will be Malta. Small country with two main islands: Gozo and Malta, seemed to us like a great place to explore. Beautiful cliffs, crystal blue water and wild beaches were only one of the factors why we chose this spot. Our main goal was to take pictures of those remarkable landscapes but we also wanted to take a rest from ‘civilization’, to breath fresh air and to enjoy the nature. To complete our journey, we planned some portrait shootings.

First few days we spent in Gozo. This island was exactly what we were looking for! We couldn’t believe in its beauty, Barely inhabited and full of amazing places to shoot. We took our time and with completely no rush did small hikings. Perfect. Both of us really enjoyed.

Next destination was Malta. From the beginning we could see that it was a different place, full of cars, people and abondoned buildings. Even though in the beginning  we missed the untouched lands of Gozo and found the main island a bit less attractive, we quickly discovered some amazing places! Apart from that, we met really nice people we had photo sessions with.

Today is our last full day here. We are going to a fishermen village. There is a nice harbour with small, colorfoul boats. We cannot wait to see that. Tomorrow we are going back to Barcelona.

Soon we will have a lot of photos to share with you! We hope that you will enjoy them. All the best for all of you guys! 🙂