Chapter II – Colombia, part 1

Pereira-w-1 (1).jpg

We came to Colombia almost 3 weeks ago. Our main goal was to do the things that we love to do – explore as much as possible and shoot natural places . We were expecting to find many of them and we were not mistaken. It is a beautiful country that can offer a lot to everyone with different interests.

First few days we spent in Bogota. Some family time here with a few small trips nearby. One of the places we visited is called Villa de Leyva. It is a very small town in colonial style, simply breathtaking! Small white buildings, square where a church  is situated and huge mountains around. It is impossible to describe that place, it just looks unreal. If you will ever have a chance to be in Bogota, don’t miss opportunity to leave the city for a day and go to Villa de Leyva, it is just 3 hours far by car.

Another trip was to Antioquia through its capital, Medellin. Since we are not fans of huge cities we didn’t want to spend a lot of time there but to discover area around. The place that needs to be mentioned is called Guatape. It is another small town but this time with colorful buildings. We loved this place so much, visit there is highly recommended! The most impressive place in that region was La Piedra, though. It is a huge, black rock from where you have a spectacular view of the area. There are many small islands and lakes, it looks incredible!

Now is the time to present the mindblowing thing! The place that we loved the most so far is La Zona Cafetera. Famous Colombian coffee comes from there. It is situated about 8 hours by car from Bogota. We went there for a few days to explore. Firstly we went to Termales de Santa Rosa. There is a huge waterfall which looks just insane. Such a pitty that the place is pretty tourist. If not, you could enjoy pure nature and hot springs for yourself. Amazing. Even though there are many people you can still feel perfect there. The place looks like from a fairytale that is why it is still cool to go there!

Next day we went to Valley of Cocora. It is famous by the palms that grow there. We have heard many good things about it, but what we saw was much more that we were expecting. The Valley itself is incredibly beautiful! It is huge, there are many horses, cows, donkeys and other animals roaming around. We decided to do the hiking around the Valley and it took us around 6 hours. Firstly we were in the open space with the animals just mentioned. But the next part is in the joungle looking environment and the mountains. You can see there many species of birds, river, wooden bridges, plants, etc. Perfect place to relax and admire pure nature!

After that trip we came back to Bogota to spend Christmas with family. A few days at home was not a lazy time for us, though. We have been preparing for the next trip – the North of Colombia. Our Destination is Tayrona National Park and La Guajira. Task: take cool photos 🙂 We are leaving tomorrow. It seems like we are going to spend amazing 2 weeks exploring that part of the country. Photos soon 🙂 All the best friends! Merry Christmas! We wish you many amazing adventures!


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