Questions & Answers

What is Frame From The Journey?

Frame From The Journey is something way bigger than just another workshop. It is a COMMUNITY and UNITY that is being created by YOU – participants, by our speakers, by us, organizers – Alejandra and Maciej, by all of the partners participating and what is the most important by NATURE. Frame From The Journey is created in an eco-responsible way – as least impact on environment as possible. What is more, a part of the ticket price will be transferred to one of the NGO’s helping the Amazon Rainforest – so unfortunate these days.

When and where does the workshop take place?

27th of April 2020 – 1st of May 2020 in the Domain Les Chauvins. Five houses in the middle of nature, on a pretty big mountain, next to a very small village (86 inhabitants according to list from 2016) called Teyssières in Provence, France.

What is the price of the workshop and what does the price include?

The price starts from 1,500€ and it includes EVERYTHING! Well, almost everything… The only thing you need to do is to come to Lyon’s main bus/train station – Gare de la Part Dieu. That is the pick up point from which we will go directly to the venue – this transfer is already included! Apart from that: 4 nights accommodation, taxes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, discounts of our sponsors, soft drinks, talks, shootings, transportation to different locations, swimming pool and great company! 🙂

Partial payment or Full payment

With a partial payment your place will be secured. To make it effective, the second payment must be done by the end of February.

With a full payment you’ll be directly on board!

If you can’t come to the workshop after having purchased your place, you can sell or transfer the ticket to another person.

Is the ticket refundable?

The ticket is non-refundable unless you find a person to fill your spot.

What level should I have to take the most from this experience?

Any level is good! We are gathering together to inspire each other, to share experiences, to learn one from another, to create a community, to tell stories, to feel home! There is a possibility to gain a lot for anybody! You are just starting out? That’s awesome! You have been telling stories for couple of years already and you feel like you are missing something out or maybe just want to try something different? That’s great, let’s try another perspective!

Is the workshop rather for photographers or videographers?

Frame From The Journey is all about storytelling! We believe that photography and videography are strongly connected. Our goal is to learn how to be a better storyteller. There will not be too many technical topics initiated by us, so if you are looking for a place to help you to get information what kind of gear you should buy, etc, well this is not the main point of our workshop. Yes, of course you will be able to ask many technical questions to our speakers and they will answer them with pleasure, but as mentioned before, we are more focused on shootings! How to work with real couples, real life scenarios, why when it is raining it doesn’t mean we should panic, how to work in a low light situation, why harsh light doesn’t have to ruin our session or more, we can even take an advantage out of it. It is a very practical workshop. Both photographers’ and videographers’ expectations should be fulfilled.

How many participants will there be?

There will be max. 30 persons (strictly limited) and you will be divided in 2 groups to have a better opportunity of exchanging with the speakers and taking your own photos/video.

How many speakers will there be?

Technically there will be 6 speakers: Rafał, Mark, Tu, Sascha, Baptiste and Sean BUT we are so lucky that Sean is coming with his partner Justyna so they will talk about how it is to work in a team and they will shoot together. That makes 7! Cool right? 🙂

What language will be used at the workshop?


Why is it worth to be a part of the adventure?

We would love to have you on board! Why? Because we love all of the people that share this life perspective. It is always a pleasure to meet and spend time with new people, people who are in love with nature, intimacy, elopements, adventures, small weddings and telling stories. It needs to be said again – the sense of community and respect for nature are essential here. If you share these values that means FRAME FROM THE JOURNEY needs you!
We will do anything we can to make you feel home, to help you create a diverse portfolio (that is why we will have 3 different real couples – each one for each day. You will be able to shoot with 6 speakers in different locations – 6 different scenarios). JOIN US! Without you our journey will not be the same…

Got more questions?

We will be more than happy to answer them all!

Don't hesitate, we are here to help you with anything you need!